The Newborn Essentials

When it comes to getting prepared for your newborn or creating your baby registry, it’s always nice to hear feedback from other mommas. I’ve put a list together of a few essentials that have been useful in the first weeks of having Grayson. They are not in any specific order.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that I have recommended. My full disclosure can be found here.

Rock ‘n Play sleeper This lounger was gifted to us and it’s awesome. Grayson spends a good amount of time in it during the day. Momma confession: I let him sleep in this a few nights because I thought it was intended for that. However, I read that flat sleep is the best for SIDS prevention. SIDS is  Sudden infant death syndrome. It is the unexplained death, usually during sleep, of a healthy baby. On that note, some important ways to prevent SIDS are keeping the bed bare without blankets or stuffed toys and having the baby sleep flat on their back. After doing my research, I will only be allowing Grayson to sleep in this when he is monitored. The use of this item is completely up to your discretion. I know plenty of mommas that allow their kids to sleep in it overnight and they are fine! I just wanted to provide you with what I learned.

Baby Jogger  The first item I added to my registry was a jogging stroller. I knew I wanted to stay active and this was a must have for myself. I spent a good amount of time doing my research and originally started out with the BOB stroller. However, I wasn’t crazy about the price. So I turned to my momma friends and someone that worked at a stroller store recommended this gem! I’m in love with this stroller. You can buy attachments for just about any car seat and it’s great! Thanks Grammy!

Baby carrier I could never figure out the slings and these just felt more secure. Perfect for when your babe just wants cuddles and you have a whole house to clean.

Infant Car Seat This car seat was also gifted to us. Talk about blessed! After receiving it I found that it was on Baby List’s top car seats of 2017. After using it I know why. Literally seconds after placing Grayson in this for the first time he spit up all over it. It wiped right off! When I got home from the hospital, I used some soap as well but had a hard time finding where he even spit up. The material is so great. It also has a perfect little pillow for their head to rest on. At a car seat class we attended they recommended only using the pillow the car seat comes with and not buying any additions. I think this is because the car seat is only safety tested for what it features on its own. Additionally, have your car seat base installed prior to your delivery if possible. This one is sold with the base.

Infant Pacifier Animal If you are planning on using a pacifier, this is a must have. Grayson loves it! The stuffed animal can rest on their chest so when they spit it out it doesn’t go flying. The only thing that is weird about it is that it’s sewn onto the pacifier so it’s weird to sterilize. I just dip the pacifier in boiling water, but eventually I’m going to need to figure out how to wash the stuffed animal. I’ve seen a few of these that detach, so those might be another option.

Microwave Steam Sterilizer If you are going to formula feed or pump, this sterilizer is awesome. You just place the cleaned bottles in, add water, and microwave for 2 minutes. They also sell these specific to the brand of bottle you are using. One momma tip that friends have told me, is to only buy a few bottles to start out. This is so you can make sure your little one likes them. Luckily, Gray wasn’t picky and liked Avent bottles.

Portable White Noise Sound Machine Any type of sound machine is great. This really calms Gray down if he gets fussy. It’s also portable so we can bring it anywhere. Before we bought this we just looked up white noise music on Spotify and that worked as well!

Cloth Diapers Yes, you read that correctly! Someone got us these and I thought to myself “why would I need these?”. If you are a momma that uses cloth diapers, I praise you! That’s hard work. After reading the package in more detail, I learned that they can also be used as burp rags. Genius! These are awesome and wash nicely!

Aquaphor Future boy mommas…this one is for you! If you chose to have your little guy circumcised you will need some sort of Vaseline to put on it during the healing process. We used Aquaphor. I also put this on Gray’s dry areas, such as his feet and hands. Apparently we aren’t suppose to put lotion on him yet so this is recommended. So many newborn rules! Haha

Nasal Aspirator The hospital will typically give you one of these to take home. During Gray’s first few hours of life he kept choking and we learned it was from the amniotic fluid in his lungs. It was completely normal for this to be happening. So every time he would choke or gag up the fluid we would suck it up with this. It also works for boogies but make sure to do mouth first then nose haha I attached another boogie one too. Additional Nasal Aspirator

Nursing Pillow So even though I am not nursing, this is great to position under the baby during feedings. My arms were crazy tired from holding up my dead weight legs during labor and I wish I had brought this to the hospital.

Newborn pillow One thing I read numerous articles on was “flat head/Plagiocephaly”. This occurs when babies sleep too long or too often in the same position and it puts pressure on one part the skull. So I came across the following newborn pillow. It’s awesome and washable. We just allow it to air dry. Disclaimer: I have not fully dived into the risk of suffocation on this item. Use at your own discretion.

Clothing- Other than being stocked up on newborn or 0-3 month onesies, I would recommend three clothing items. Those items include: non-button sleepers, socks and mittens. For night time diaper changes buttons are a hassle. Stick to zippers or gowns. As for socks, I’m not ashamed to say I stocked up on the ones the hospital provided haha. Lastly, newborns finger nails can be crazy long and hard to cut. Mittens are perfect for protecting them from scratching their little faces.

Congrats! You made it through my long post! Hopefully expecting mommas can learn something new from my personal research and experience. By no means do you have to follow how I choose to raise my baby. I just want to provide mommas with some first timer insight. Side note- I continue to say mommas but dads might find these post hopeful as well! My husband has been amazing with our little guy… but I’ll get into that later!

Next up on my blog, I will be posting my labor story and some hospital must haves, so be on the lookout! If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment this post. Are there any newborn must haves you could not live without?


  1. Wubba nubs can be washed in the sink with dish soap & warm water and then air dry it to get the animal clean if it gets dirty or spit up on 🙂. They were originally created for premies who didn’t have a suck strong enough to keep them in their mouths and comfortable. It’s also good for their hands to grab on too instead of their faces!


  2. I lived in Kenya when I had my first baby. I used cloth diapers…have to be honest, though, and say I was grateful we had our second child in South Africa where disposable diapers weren’t so expensive – life was simpler!


  3. I would suggest only using the newborn head pillow while they are awake and being monitored. During sleep would be a huge suffocation hazard. Also I would add sleep sacks to my essentials list! 🙂


    1. Thanks for your feedback! I totally thought about the suffocation hazard as well. Now that he moves more in his sleep I will probably have to take it out at night.


      1. I was constantly updating mine! & then a majority of the stuff I needed the first few weeks I ended up not having on there, that’s why I made this post haha


  4. I ditto the rock n play, nursing pillow, jogging stroller, and paci animal- well and pretty much all of these. It’s so nice to be prepared for baby with all the little extras- great list!!


  5. After having 3 kids, and most recently a newborn, I would have to say this is a pretty solid list! I hope new Mama’s out there can use this to ease some of those new baby anxieties. Sometimes the things we hear that are useful really are a waste of time. I think your list is very accurate.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. My daughter loves her wubbanub…she was a perm and the NICU nurses had given her Advent pacifiers to health promote healthy nursing and feedings and since then she was so picky that she would REFUSE any style binky that wasn’t that brand so the wubbanubs were great and I love them for that it is easy to find and its her little stuffie : )


  7. It’s so funny how “must haves” vary from one mama to the next, and even one pregnancy to the next. With my first, I had no use for a nursing stool/actually returned it to the store; my second, could not live without it!


  8. This is a great resource! We bought a package of cloth diapers to use as burp cloths and quickly went and bought another package because we used them for EVERYTHING. 🙂 So handy to have around! Thanks for sharing!


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