Tummy Time with Grayson 

Grayson is getting better at holding up his head and rolling over during tummy time! He typically lays on his play mat for tummy time, but when I heard about these beautiful rugs, I just had to get one for his room.

These products were given in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. My full disclosure can be found here.

We were blessed to receive this Lorena Canals Rug. The best part about their rugs is that they are natural and machine washable. How awesome is that? Between spit up and accidents, I know this rug is going to spend a lot of time in our washing machine. I am glad that is durable and made for this type of usage.

When first laying the rug out in our playroom, I was amazed by how incredibly soft the rug is. Sometimes, when you get something this cute, it ends up being uncomfortable. Not this product! I also took comfort in knowing they use natural dyes and they contain no VOCs, like most carpeting and rugs.

Their home collection is for adult spaces and sophisticated kids rooms. The rug we received is called the Round ABC Natural-Black. It will be awesome for when he is starting to learn his letters. They have various style options to choose from. I would highly recommend their rugs for anywhere in your home.In the comments below, post your favorite Lorena Canals Rug!

Proceeds of Lorena Canals Rugs support the Sakula project, and provide schooling for children in India.


  1. What a great rug for little ones! I love how it’s made for babies avoiding all the harsh stuff but also made with adult spaces in mind, unlike the typical super bright and colourful tummy time mats that don’t match with anything.

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  2. This rug is everything. Perfect for my kids playroom. We have a Lorena Canals in our living room and I love it. So perfect for tummy time because you can keep it clean all the time and not worry about the kids getting all the bacteria Rugs and carpets hold.

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