The Birth Poster 

Home decor is a big weakness of mine. When something can be personalized, it’s even better. I came across The Birth Poster and instantly fell in love with the concept. 

This product was given in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. My full disclosure can be found here.

The Birth Poster is a series of illustrations that have been adapted to your child’s actual size at birth (scale 1:1). The poster also includes your child’s name, height, weight, date of birth and time of birth. It can be done in any language! You just hop online and choose from the various options to create your own. The artist Evelina Westman, created six timeless illustrations to choose from. We chose continuous line #2, because I just love the sketch detail of the baby features.

I absolutely love this concept! The Birth Poster is a beautiful reminder of how little Gray was at birth. We decided to hang it in his playroom! A custom poster would make a perfect gift for someone that just welcomed a baby into their home, or you could even give a gift card to a family that is expecting. Such a timeless and beautiful concept.

You can check out The Birth Poster on the following social platforms:

The founders of The Birth Poster are Evelina & Gustav from Stockholm, Sweden. 


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