Postpartum Skincare Routine with Rodan and Fields

Skin!! One of my biggest struggles and obsessions. As I write this, the first thing that comes to mind is the typical skincare commercial line…”I have struggled with difficult skin for years”. In all honesty, my skin has never been horrible…but I make it horrible! The less breakouts I have, the more likely I am to leave my face alone. My cousin recommended a skincare line that she had success with and after 2 months of use, I highly recommend these items as well.

These products were given in exchange for my honest review. #RFGifts
All opinions are my own. My full disclosure can be found here.

Rodan+Fields is the skincare company that my cousin led me to. I love that their company was established on the principle that “living better in your skin means living better in your life”. I can completely agree with this. There have been days where I have avoided being in public just because of a breakout. This skincare line has made me feel more comfortable in my own skin. Let me start off by showing you what attracted me to try out Rodan+Fields. These before and afters gave me major hope!

I started with the UNBLEMISH line. Below you will find my review and suggestions for use of each item.

  • Acne Treatment Sulfur Wash: this purple wash leaves your skin feeling deeply cleaned and visibly less red. The active ingredient is Sulfur 3%.
  • Clarifying toner: with the use of a gauze pad and a few drops of this, it will exfoliate dead skin and feel soothed.
  • Dual intensive acne treatment: with 5% benzoyl peroxide, this helps prevent and treat breakouts. A little goes along way with this, you only need one pump from each side.
  • Oil control lotion: This is always my last step in my daytime routine. It’s lightweight and has SPF 20. For a stronger SPF, I recommend using their Reverse SPF 50+.

After I noticed a significant decrease in my breakouts, I introduced the REVERSE line to work on the skin discoloration. I am now alternating between the two regimens. My main recommendation for these products is to use them as instructed and gradually introduce them. It is important to allow your skin to get use to each regimen.

Other items to check out from R+F include:

  • Lash boost: This has made my eyelashes and eyebrows look amazing! It is of my favorite R+F products and definitely a must have beauty find.
  • Active Hydration Moisturizer: By far one of the best moisturizers I have ever used. It saved my skin after visiting Arizona’s dry heat.
  • Bright Eye Complex: This definitely helps with my dark circles. I feel like it was made for mommas!
  • Intensive Renewing Serum: I am obsessed with this serum! It leaves your skin silky smooth. “It is the closest you can get to prescription-strength Vitamin A without a prescription” -R+F
  • Lip Renewing Serum: just one use of this and your lips will feel amazing. It thoroughly moisturizes and leaves your lips feeling baby soft.

Other than skincare products, R+F also makes mineral peptides to help even out skin tone without wearing any foundation. I just recently starting using this and I love how it feels weightless. One reason I don’t wear foundation often is because it feels heavy on my skin. The mineral peptides still allow your skin to breathe, while providing SPF 20.

You honestly can’t go wrong with Rodan and Fields! As previously mentioned, it is important to introduce each product gradually for the best results. I highly recommend everything I have listed and encourage you to look into a R+F skincare regimen that fits your needs. My personal routine has helped me practice both self-care and has encouraged self-love; two things that every momma should incorporate into their lifestyle.

Let me know how you practice self-care and self-love in the comments below!

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  1. I’ve always been jealous of people who can use Benzoyl Peroxide, because I’ve watched others use those products to clear acne, and they end up with flawless skin. Unfortunately, it turns my skin purple. Clarifying toner works great though!

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  2. Oh I definitely need to try this! I’m six months postpartum, but I think it would still help! I’ve heard nothing but good things about Rodan and Fields. I just wish it wasn’t so expensive!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you for sharing! I am glad I cam across this post, because I am looking for just this. I have tried so many different cleaners and products and nothing works! I am definitely going to have to check this out!

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  4. I have heard nothing but great things about R+F! My skin is super sensitive and I’m starting to search for anti-aging products. Definitely going to look into their line a little more! Thanks for the information!

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  5. I have always had bad acne but I recently started using this line as well and I am loving what it is doing. I will have to check out the refresh line!

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  6. Why. Why didn’t I come across this sooner lol. The Bright eye complex and the lip balm serum need to be in hands by the end of the week lol. Thank you for dropping the mic on me with this one!


  7. Oh my gosh! I break out so much now after my second baby! I tried Clarisonic and for two months it worked well. But this month, I started breaking out again! I may have to try this instead. Also the lash booster – you said it did wonders for your brows… did it really help them grow in? I am struggling with growing my eyebrows at the moment lol. Thanks for a a great review!


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