“You’re doing too much!”

It’s Wednesday morning and I’m relaxing during Gray’s first nap…by relaxing I mean sitting on the couch while avoiding laundry, bottles and oh packing for a trip that begins tomorrow.

I am working on just being still.

Keyword working! Clearly my fingers are still typing this. However, I am chalking this up as progress! I am doing something I enjoy, for myself and by myself. It’s all about the perception and how I choose to see it.

Lately, I have been focusing heavily on perception…how I see, hear, and become aware of the world happening around me. This has all been on overdrive and I feel compelled to get my thoughts out.

Today started off rough. Gray woke up earlier than normal and was fussy. We taught our fitness class and came home. I attempted to feed him breakfast, but had no luck. Each bite ran down his face as he sobbed and asked for more. Clearly he was conflicted and didn’t know what he wanted. After a COMPLETE meltdown, he fell asleep.

In the fear of waking him, I refrained from washing the dishes/bottles. That was my excuse anyway. At first, I was relieved he was finally asleep and I could get things done. Then, I was reminded of something my husband said to me last night. After telling him I was burnt out, he said “you do too much”. To me I took this as a compliment, but he was trying to tell me to just relax when you can.

I can sit here telling you how important it is to give yourself a break, but does that mean your actually going to take my advice? Sometimes it takes a breaking point to realize how bad we need a minute to ourselves. So I urge you to praise yourself for your hard work and attempt to be still. If that means reading or writing, so be it. Progress is progress in my book!

Let me know your favorite form of relaxation in the comments!


  1. I have always been impressed by how much you do, but I do agree with your husband – sometimes all that we do is too much. I hope the vacation gives you a break from it all and time to slow down with your family!

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  2. Sometimes my husband tells me something like that but then he sees the things I haven’t done and triesss to stay quiet about them. Like his clean laundry still sitting in the dryer for him, he says his new closet is the laundry room!
    I try to create a checklist of things to accomplish but I end up working on my blog, doing something else on the internet, taking a shower, or taking a nap if I’m exhausted while my two toddlers nap. Some days I’ll actually fold laundry, while watching TV- two in one!

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  3. Lately my baby will only nap if she is loving. I’m loving taking her for long walks when the weather is nice which also serves as my form of relaxation. I listen to music or an audiobook, whichever I’m feeling for the day and just walk around my little town. I love it, Avery loves it so it’s a win in my book!

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  4. You are so right. It’s so hard to be still. I always need to fill the calm with something. I’m going to to try to take your advice, no matter how hard it may seem.

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  5. I struggle so bad with this! Always feeling a little guilty if I’m not doing something every minute. It’s so important to remember to not let yourself get over stressed and overwhelmed!

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  6. You have no idea how much I needed this today. Like you I am just now taking a moment to myself while Lennox is sleeping. I am working on doing things for me when i do actually have down time. My husband tells me the same thing all of the time. Hopefully your vacation will give you a piece of mind and a much needed refresh.


  7. This is great advice! At least you accomplish the stuff that you do though! I feel like I try to do too much and things fall through the cracks and I forget things. Good for you for taking a break and relaxing!


  8. What a great reminder! We mommas often use all of our free time to do the endless chores. I recently started waking up earlier (ugh I am not a morning person) before my daughter wakes up. I use that time to relax and have a cup of coffee by myself. It has been a great change to try to start my day off right.


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