Personalized Anniversary Gift

One thing my hubs and I have always done is left little love notes all over the house for each other. Real corny, but I absolutely love it! I always save every sticky note or piece of paper he leaves for me. To cherish these little “love letters”, I found an awesome company that can engrave pieces with the handwriting of your choice.

This product was given in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. My full disclosure can be found here.

Capsul jewelry created this beautiful piece for me.

My husband scanned in his message and they engraved it on a sterling silver ring! The outside of the ring reads, “I love you”. The inside of the ring states, “My slice of heaven”. Any Thomas Rhett fans out there? One of our favorite songs of his is Grave.

Since leaving love notes in random places isn’t corny enough, we recite these two lines before bed. I say “you’re my forever” and my husband responds “my slice of heaven.”

Capsul jewelry did an amazing job preserving this message for us. It was a beautiful anniversary gift. They were incredibly easy to work with during the customization process and the packaging is absolutely perfect. I highly recommend checking out their pieces. These items would be perfect for an anniversary, birthday or gift to a new mother.

Let me know your favorite love quote or Thomas Rhett song in the comments below!


  1. What a cool way to engrave! Our anniversary is coming up soon and this is a great idea! One of my favorite love quotes: “she knew she loved him when ‘home’ went from being a place to being a person.”


  2. I love love LOVE personalized jewelry. I got myself a pair of rings a few years ago and they’ve literally never come off my finger for more than five minutes lol Yay for personalized jewelry (my 4 year anniversary is coming up, better give my hubby a hint 😉😛)! Thanks for this lady!


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