The Perfect Smoothie

Good morning loves! I have had a few mommas ask about what I put in my daily smoothies. I try to switch up the fruits, but here are some of my favorite additions.

These products were given in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. This post also contains affiliate links. My full disclosure can be found here.

Super Blast Fruit Smoothie:

  • I typically make individual smoothies using this blender.
  • Put in all the powders LAST! This prevents them from getting stuck on the bottom.
  • For other measurements and amounts, I just kind of wing it. I have a small container of the turmeric, chia and flax seed mixed. I use one teaspoon of this mixture!
  • I absolutely love this smoothie because it doesn’t taste gritty or chalky! It’s sweet and filling!
  • I highly recommend checking out Vital Proteins to add to your daily routine. Below are some benefits of the new Collagen Beauty Greens I just started incorporating:
  • Let me know your favorite smoothie additions in the comments!


    1. Yum! That sounds delicious! Ours are pretty simple right now, but we usually have them alongside protein for balance. Spinach and avocado as the base blended with OJ because I love that tanginess. Slightly thawed frozen fruit or fresh fruit if I have it. OJ as needed to thin. I like strawberry/pear/banana and thr frozen tropical blend from Aldi with a banana!


    2. This sounds so good! I’m definitely gonna have to try this. I usually do frozen strawberries and mango with fresh avocado and dragon fruit mixed with a vanilla protein shake. Yummm lol


    3. This sounds so good. I forgot about Vital Proteins, I have some in my pantry. I’ll be breaking it out now 🙂


    4. This sounds absolutely amazing! I have been wanting to try collagen for the longest time, I need to pull the trigger! Is this all pregnancy safe?


    5. I have yet found a smoothie recipe that I’m in love with. But I’ll definitely give this one a try. Thanks for sharing sounds delicious.


    6. These sound delicious! I feel like my smoothies are kind of boring! I usually do spinach, almond milk, banana, turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, and pineapple! Sounds a little gross- but it’s not bad and is supposed to “detox” the body! I need to look into adding collagen! Love this post!


    7. This sounds yummy!
      I usually make a spinach, banana, almond milk and crushed ice smoothie.
      All mango smoothies are my favorite as well.
      Can’t go wrong with a smoothie!!


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