The “Bare Necessities” For Tackling Walt Disney World With A Toddler

When deciding on the title for this entry I ended up googling, “at what age is your baby considered a toddler?” I was shocked to find that Grayson is almost considered a TODDLER! (12-36 months for those who are curious) This toddler absolutely LOVED our adventures at Walt Disney World. We have shared our experience and tips below!

We were gifted Walt Disney World tickets in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links. My full disclosure can be found here.

What we packed for our day at Walt Disney World:

To shop all these items in one place, click HERE for the “Bare Necessities”!
  • Jogging Stroller
  • Baby Carrier
  • Change of clothes for toddler
  • Extra diapers and wipes
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Diaper Cream
  • Water bottles: save and refill at the park
  • Ponchos or umbrella
  • Sippy cup: this one has been my favorite because it has liquid measurement markings on the side
  • Bottle cleaning tablets: rather than bringing multiple sippy cups, we just washed the same one and reused it throughout the day.
  • Large Diaper Bag: This is where I kept backup supplies.
  • Small backpack: This is what we carried on rides. It was super convenient and the perfect size.
  • Stroller Fan: Definitely a must have! I use this in my backseat for additional airflow and it clips perfectly to a stroller.
  • Handheld Fan or Mister: My sister brought this one along and it was awesome. She purchased hers from Target. We also brought a small handheld one from Walmart. This one was perfect for Gray to use, but I don’t recommend getting it anywhere near your hair…I definitely learned that the hard way.
  • Don’t forget both baby food and SNACKS for the adults. You can buy or make your own food pouches. Some of our favorite baby snacks are puffs and yogurt melts.

How we planned our day:

Once you have your tickets, I suggest downloading My Disney Experience. One of my favorite features of this application is that it allows you to select and modify FastPass+ experiences for your entire group! It also stores your photos throughout the day when you scan your MagicBand or card.

Below is a breakdown of our day at Magic Kingdom Park and Hollywood Studios. We did our best to keep Gray involved in the adventure, so most rides/attractions we chose are child friendly.

We arrived to the park at 9:15AM. Below you will find the rides/attractions bolded and in chronological order:

Pirates of the Carribean @ 9:50 AM FastPass+

I didn’t think about how dark and scary this ride might of been for Grayson, but it wasn’t too bad! He just cuddled me extra close.

Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room

This was perfect for Gray’s first nap. In the glorious air conditioning, this 10 minute musical celebration put Grayson right to sleep.

Jungle Cruise @ 11:00 AM FastPass+

Grayson slept through this entire boat ride. We all loved the puns that our tour guide shared as we explored the rivers in Asia, Africa and South America.

Swiss Family Treehouse

I continued to wear Grayson in the carrier for all of these attractions. Climbing through this treehouse with a sleeping babe was quite the workout, but so worth it!

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

This was by far my favorite for Grayson. The activities provided while waiting in line were awesome.

Space Mountain @ 1:00pm FastPass+

My sister and I rode together and then my brother-in-law and hubs waited with Grayson. We swapped after and it was perfect! We waited for the guys in the Space Mountain gift shop. The refreshing air conditioning was amazing!

Lunch time!

We ate at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café. I pushed Grayson’s stroller right up to a table on the outdoor patio and wait for the fam to grab us some grub. This little spot is right by the Tomorrowland Speedway, so there was plenty to look at. Grayson loved it! The guys loved the topping bar to deck out their burgers.

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin @ 3:00pm FastPass+

After our food settled, we were ready for the next adventure. This is definitely one of our favorites to keep score in. Luckily my husband’s laser “broke”, so I won!

We wanted to catch a few shows at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, so we caught the 4pm shuttle over there.

Disney Junior- Live on Stage! @ 5:00pm

This was probably Grayson’s highlight of the day. I’m one of those mean moms that tries to avoid TV at home, but he has seen a few of these shows during post nap cuddles.

The set up for the show is great! Everyone sits on the carpet floor and can stretch out. They had puppets of each Disney Junior show and tons of fun surprises for the little ones. Without giving it all away, I will share that quite a few things fall from the sky! Definitely a must see if you have kiddos.

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular @ 6:00pm

The guys picked this one and I am so happy they did. It was epic! They even had volunteers getting involved. I wish my hubs would’ve done it, but we didn’t get there early enough.

For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration @ 7:30pm

This was the FIRST time Gray got fussy all day. When the characters weren’t singing, he wasn’t having it. It was definitely way past his second nap time. I spent most of the time bouncing him in the baby carrier.

After this show we were all kind of burnt out. Our hotel had a great view of the firework show, so we headed back around 8:15pm. Gray absolutely loved all the shuttle rides!

Thank you for the best birthday experience Walt Disney World! We were able to include Grayson in almost everything and it was perfect. During our next visit, we will definitely be visiting Toy Story Land.

We will be sharing tons more photos on our Instagram, so be on the look out!

  • If you have any favorite rides or suggestions, mention them in the comments below.


  1. My LO is 5 months now. We plan to do a trip to Disney when he turns a year old. I am SO nervous.we even plan to trip to Mass in November and I’m freaking out. I’ve never traveled or done a huge park with kids before. I had to screenshot and send to my fiancé cause I literally mention is every week of how nerve wrecking it is for me 😩 when I read it, I’m like yes! Perfect! Makes sense. It’s a great article to start with!


  2. Love that you had everything planned out. We will be visiting for the first time with two kids in August. Although I have an 8 and 4 year old a lot of these tips also applies. I have been reading so many post on Disney to try to make our experience run smoothly. Thanks for the tips. Xo


  3. We have Disney Passes so our trips are pretty short and easy. I can’t imagine doing Disney World. It must be crazy!! I think it was smart to have it all planned out. Glad you all had a great time!


  4. This is making me want to go to Disney land more and more. It looks like you had a great time. I love love love how you have every last thing planned out. I love organization. Great read!!!


      1. I think imma wait until my youngest is a little older. She’s in the, “I’m too unruly to take in public” stage. 😂


  5. Definitely brave! Love how you broke the day down, and lists…I love lists! Thanks for this, will definitely remember for any trips with the little one!


  6. Wow… Fun time for both you and Grayson, looks like you guys enjoyed alot.. My baby is 10 months and planning to take her for a small outing… Your packing list will definitely help… Nice post… Thanks for sharing.


  7. I always think that parents who take their toddler to Disney are superheroes! I am scared of the chaos and stress I will be facing if I do so. Your post is making me think twice though.


  8. My biggest takeaways were that I need to take a second couple if we decide to take our toddler and that I must get a supply of those bottle washing tablets (I did not know they existed). I am glad you all had an amazing time and it makes me happy to know that are things there that will either entertain or comfort my toddler.


  9. I can’t wait to do a Disney trip! We are waiting until kids are a little older to make sure they remember it since the trip can be so expensive. These are great tips for going with younger kids!


  10. This is everything we bring to Disney – and we go all the time! Our stroller fan is rechargable so we also bring a battery pack and cord so we can recharge it if it days while in the park.


  11. This is an awesome list & breakdown of what you did. My husband & I was to take our toddler & preschooler soon, and this really helped me have things in mind to right down to remember for our trip. I didn’t even know that there was a disney junior live show! That is going to be a must see.


  12. We had annual passes when my kids were toddlers and we went all the time! I always hear that you should wait until your kids are older but that is not the case! My kids really enjoyed our trips to all the Disney parks as toddlers 😉


  13. That packing list! WHEW! I thought I lugged alot around in my purse pre-baby, but now, it’s like you take EVERYTHING but the kitchen sink with you wherever you go. Nevertheless, kudos to you for taking a little one to Disney World and having a great time. I know I’d be a grumbling, tired mess at the end of the day.


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