First Year Round Up

Grayson just had his first birthday party! Where has time gone?

I have put together a list of first year essentials that we have absolutely loved, as well as included party items for your little one(s) first birthday!

Some of these products may have been given in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. In addition, this post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that I have recommended. My full disclosure can be found here.

First Year Must Haves

  • Regalo My Play: We bring this play pin everywhere. BBQs, camping, friends houses! If you need to get some dishes done, just plop your little in here for some supervised independent play. It is so convenient and folds up like a camping chair.

  • Thermometer: No more waiting what feels like hours for a temperature reading. This thermometer quickly puts my mind at ease. It has been perfect for those terrible teething nights.
  • Lessy Messy Trunk Mat: When this mat isn’t keeping stroller wheel dirt off my trunk floor, we are using it for picnics at the park or music festivals!
  • Games: My husband and I are big on games and definitely wanted to introduce Gray to some of our childhood favorites. Goliath Games has games for all ages, they also have an awesome paint set that I may have let Gray play with prior to his birthday!
  • Sensory board: My husband and I wanted to make something special for Gray and this piece turned out so awesome! You can learn how to make your own here.
  • Growth chart: What better way to celebrate each growth milestone! I love that this is convenient for traveling if you happen to move.
  • Toddler Police Car: my parents gifted us with this and Gray absolutely loves it!
  • Custom book: I am big on customization and this book was so much fun to make! It is all about the different careers Grayson might have one day.
  • Sandals: these are perfect for when your Little starts cruising!
  • Quiet Book: My friend Kami made this awesome quiet book. It’s the sweetest heart “felt” gift and we will cherish it forever. Each page is made out of felt and has removable Velcro pieces. She then put it together in a flip book and Grayson absolutely loves it! It is perfect for bringing out to eat or in the car for other adventures.

Wild One Birthday Items

  • Custom Birthday Invitation: I was able to custom design this invitation with Kitty Meow Boutique. She was extremely easy to work with and designed exactly what I had invisioned. She also has sweet and witty greeting cards that are sure to brighten anyone’s day. I highly recommend checking out this shop for all your stationery needs.
  • Chalk board for milestones: I didn’t decorate to much for his party, but I made this personal piece. I figured he can use the board in his playroom after!
  • Wild one outfit: this outfit for perfect for his party! The shirt says “Wild one” and it couldn’t be more fitting! Check out this shop for more awesome items!
  • High chair banner: this banner was just what we needed to tie everything together. I absolutely loved the feathers on this piece.

I still have a few items that we will be trying out and possibly adding to this list. In the comments- Let me know which of these items you love most or any additional suggestions you may have!

You can also follow our adventures on Instagram!


  1. Great list! I had many of these a few years ago. The Regalo Play Pen would have been handy with my twin boys…even though they hated when we confined them from the start!


  2. Awesome list Mama! You got this motherhood thing down! I love the book and sensory board ideas. Definitely need to implement those for my little one.
    P.S. Grayson is such a cutie!!!!!


  3. I have a three month old so thanks so much for all of the tips ❤ I especially loved the idea of lessy messy trunk mat – we have three boys so we are ALWAYS on the go!


  4. The outdoor play pen was a must have for us too! Allowed me to take care of my flowers outside while my little one was enjoying the fresh air safely! Thanks for this great list!


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