New Beginnings Doula Training

Hey y’all! Just wanted to hop on here and give you an update on my doula training. I am absolutely loving this program and the community that comes with it.

My training is broken down into three courses: main course, child birth and doula actions course. I also get to attend two live births as a part of my training. I met with my first client last week and I guarantee she could tell I was bursting with excitement. As far as my course work goes, I have just completed the main course. The main course was compromised of 20 awesome assignments! Ok, I’m letting my nerdiness shine. With all honesty, “awesome” is the best way to describe these assignments. I actually look forward to indulging in my studies during nap time. The first unit provided a detailed breakdown of the role of the doula. In the second unit, I was able to hone in on my research skills and look into evidenced based practice. Prioritizing needs was the main focus of the third unit and I loved learning more about hypnobirthing. Unit four focused on pain and I was able to differentiate the causes of pain and interview various mommas on pain during labor. Shout out to my Instagram Tribe for your help with these interviews. It was great to get to know y’all on a different level and connect through similar experiences. Unit five addressed anxiety and I learned that anxiety becomes maladaptive when it interferes with the birthing process. Overall, each assignment is a joy to complete and I have learned so much already! This program also provides video instructions on various assignments that inform you how to complete them adequately. These have helped answer so many questions. I have just completed the first unit of the childbirth course and these assignments just keep getting better. I will be sure to post an update after I finish this portion of the program.

One thing that I have truly enjoyed is being able to use my creative side with this course. There have been various assignments that required me to make visual handouts. With the use of Canva I have been able to put together some great material for my current and potential clients. Another feature of this program that I enjoy is the trainers/coaches and the community. I have had the pleasure of working with Cherylyn and she has been so empowering. Not only does she provide me with her honest advice during our coaching calls, but she thoroughly reviews all my assignments and provides her detailed feedback. There is nothing better than hearing someone value your work and much as you do! As far as community goes, this program excels! There is a Facebook group filled with both previous and current students. This community is filled with uplifting messages/stories, evidence based articles and is a safe space for asking questions. I have connected with various members and it is awesome to meet people that you can relate to during this journey.

Finding a program that used a holistic approach with learning on natural AND medical birthing methods was extremely important to me. I think New Beginnings Doula Training has an unbiased take on their training and teaches their students to make decisions based on the needs and opinion of their clients. They only charge $25/month recurring, for however long it takes a student to complete training, no time limits (no minimum or maximum requirements). I highly recommend checking this program out if you are considering this educational journey.  

I have created both an Instagram and Facebook for my Doula clients. Feel free to show your love and support!

With love,

Haley Nicole

Photo courtesy of Austin Birth Photos


  1. How amazing to find something that you are so passionate about & love learning about. That’s one of life’s ultimate goals, to find a job you love. Good on you 🙂


  2. I always love to see people excited and doing what they love! I am happy you are enjoying your training so much. And you will be providing a wonderful service for mothers and babies. How cool!!!


  3. I can tell you are so excited about these courses and have a true passion to become a doula. I’ve been curious about doulas and your posts about your training have given me a better understanding of what they do. So happy for you!


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