New Beginnings Doula Training: Progress Update

Hey y’all! Just wanted to hop on here and give you an update on my Doula training. This program is awesome and I only have a few assignments left to complete my training.

This post will cover what the childbirth portion of the course entails. To read more about the main course and program overall, check out this post.

The childbirth course is compromised of 13 enriching assignments. Some assignment topics include: natural movement, nutrition, labor progress, spontaneous pushing, cord clamping, newborn procedures, breastfeeding and many more!

Throughout this course you will get a great idea of the care available in your surrounding area. An example of an assignment that has you survey your area is the newborn procedures assignment. Within this assignment you will chat with various hospitals and birth centers to see how they handle transition and if they are trained to transition a baby while still attached to a cord while on the mother’s stomach. This info is great to give to your expecting clients!

After completing the labor progress assignment you will be able to determine how and why labor progresses. These tools are crucial as a Doula! Another awesome assignment is the one on natural movement. During this assignment you are instructed to make a visual handout for your clients that explains natural movement exercise and why it is beneficial for pregnancy and birth.This can then be used in your Doula practice!

These are just two of many enriching assignments offered in this section. Overall, the childbirth portion of the course is both beneficial and rewarding. I definitely felt more confident about attending births with the completion of this portion!

Most importantly, the trainers are absolutely amazing with answering questions, giving feedback and encouragement. This course has been such a dream come true for me!

They only charge $25/month recurring, for however long it takes a student to complete training, no time limits (no minimum or maximum requirements). I highly recommend checking this program out if you are considering this educational journey. 

I have created both an Instagram and Facebook for my Doula clients. Feel free to show your love and support!

My next post about this program will cover the doula actions portion of the training and what attending a birth is like. Stay tuned!

Photo by: Doula Momma Nurture


  1. I had such a lovely doula for my second birth! It’s when I understood how much a doula means to a pregnant mum going through labour! Good luck with your training, you will for sure improve the birth experience for many women 😉


  2. I remember your earlier posts about starting this course! So glad to see you are almost done. I imagine it will be exciting to begin your work as a doula!


  3. This is awesome! I had a home birth 5 weeks ago and I regret not investing in a doula. It really would’ve helped so my partner can be with me more instead of running across the room all day.


  4. I was just having this conversation with my friend and partner about becoming a doula and a Lactation consultant. I believe both are my calling. Thanks for the insight and I will contact you when I am ready to begin my course. ❤️


  5. Woo hoo! I’m excited for you that you are almost done with your training. Thanks for keeping us updated on your progress. It sounds like you’ve really enjoyed it!


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