Certified Doula with New Beginnings Doula Training

I am more than thrilled to announce that I have completed my DOULA CERTIFICATION

I wanted to share what the last portion of the course entailed and what it was like attending births!

To read about the main course, click here.To learn about the childbirth course, click here. I will go over the final portion, doula actions, throughout this entry!

The doula actions course consisted of assignment topics such as: communication, environment, informed consent, mindfulness, movement, music, positioning, and spirituality.

As previously mentioned, the trainers are absolutely amazing with answering questions, giving feedback and encouragement during the progression of this course. You can also join the programs Facebook group for community and help along the way.

In the communication assignment, you will learn the conflict resolution process and relate it to an event of conflict in your life. I chose to discuss how we handled my miscarriage. This was an eye-opening assignment for me and I was happy to work through that scenario in a healthy manner.

The mindfulness training was also extremely beneficial. After completing the training, I have noticed my stress levels decreased and my mind is more present. Most importantly, my communication skills have benefited. I am able to articulate my feelings and be mindful of others thoughts. In addition, I have benefited from the meditation and I am able to relax freely during my designated times. I truly enjoyed these exercises and look forward to incorporating them daily.

In the movement assignment, you will contact 2-3 local hospitals or birth centers and ask them what they do to support and promote a woman’s natural movements during labor. Kee To Life Midwifery stated, “I promote movement during labor by always offering ways and suggestions for various labor positions that encourage the natural progression of baby and the comfort of mama. This would include support in ways that women can use me as a tool of physical support. For example, standing during a contraction and leaning into my body during the duration of the contraction. I would also offer a rebozo that is supported on the door to have as a quick placement for labor. I would allow the woman space to control the room and if she feels like moving between each contraction then following her patiently as she needs and guiding when necessary.” This exercise was awesome to see the various ways to facilitate natural movement during labor.

Those are just three of the assignments you will complete in the doula actions section. The birth packet and checklist are the last two things to complete for your certification. After attending and assisting your two births necessary to fulfill the course requirements, you will complete the birth checklist and packet. The checklist involves all the actions that can be performed by a doula. If you are unable to try out all of the actions, you can try them on friends and family as well. The birth packet involves the specifics on each birth you assisted. It includes prenatal assessment data, a birth plan, birth goals, all the doula actions you performed, your personal evaluation and an evaluation from the medical staff and your client.

Overall, each birth was a life changing experience and I cannot wait to assist my next client. The amount of joy and empowerment that fills the room after each birth is overwhelming. I am so thankful to be apart of so many birth journeys.

Lastly, I wanted to compare my expectations to actual experiences with this course. I think New Beginnings did an awesome job of informing me what the course would entail. You can even gain access to their birth support training materials used for their doula certifications without the commitment to register. I think the only thing I didn’t expect was the significant differences in labor progression between my two clients. It is definitely covered in this course, but it’s easy to convince yourself that everything will go the same way. This was more of a personal barrier in my mind. I am thankful I was given multiple opportunities to learn how different labor can be from one individual to the next. Labor is such a beautiful occurrence and this training course adequately prepared me to handle a variety of scenarios.

They only charge $25/month recurring, for however long it takes a student to complete training, no time limits (no minimum or maximum requirements). I highly recommend checking this program out if you are considering this educational journey. 

During this pregnancy, I plan to offer virtual doula services. This is ideal for someone that wants more education on the birthing process, seeks emotional support throughout their journey and plans to have another support companion/partner present for their actual birth. Please feel free to message me for further details!

I have created both an Instagram and Facebook for my Doula clients. Feel free to show your love and support!

Photo by: Doula Momma Nurture


  1. Congrats! I had a doula for my birth and I couldn’t have been happier. She provided fantastic support and helped get my baby into the correct position. The support I got from her made all the difference in the world!

    I love that you’ve completed this course and good luck with your future clients!


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