Virtual Doula Services

During this pregnancy, I plan to take on clients virtually. A virtual doula is ideal for someone that wants more education on the birthing process, seeks emotional support throughout their journey and plans to have another support companion/partner present for their actual birth.


My virtual birth doula services typically include:

  • Phone/Text Consultations with the pregnant mama
  • Consultations with the couple preparing for birth
  • Help coming up with questions for healthcare provider
  • Review of medical interventions, options, risks and benefits
  • Review of tools to ease discomfort and help labor to progress
  • Exercises given for deep breathing and connecting with baby
  • Suggestions on comfort measures for partners to perform and assist with
  • Assistance writing and editing a simple birth plan
  • Suggestions on birth courses to take
  • Consultations postpartum for processing your birth story
  • Calls to discuss inevitable questions during fourth trimester
  • Empowerment throughout the entire process
  • Unlimited access to texting assistance throughout your pregnancy and birth journey.

I am currently offering all those who take Mommy Labor Nurse’s birth course a discount. If you or any momma friends are interested in this, please send me a direct message or email! I would love to assist in empowering your pregnancy and birth experience.

  • My Doula page can be found here!


    1. I’ve learnt the definition of doula around one year ago when my neighbor’s wife made a license and started promoting her company. She’s the only doula in my hometown so far. Poles just get to know, that kind of services actually exists. And I’m happy, it does. Sometimes the pregnant woman needs real mental support she won’t get from her family or friends (because they don’t have children or they had delivery plenty of years ago). And needs advice from the person who can look at the things in an objective way. Or doesn’t feel convenient to have delivery in the front of her Partner/her relatives.


    2. I had a doula during my second birth and I now recommend a doula to every pregnant lady who asks me any tips for giving birth :)) A virtual doula makes everything more accessible and possible!


    3. My sister is a doula and even just recently spent time in India learning yoga that is specific for child labor. I can’t wait to show her this


    4. I did not have a doula during my pregnancy but I’ve always loved the idea of someone there as not only a medical professional but as a support system and a sounding board for all the questions you have during pregnancy. Is this normal, is that normal? My doctor was great–but busy. I always hated calling that nursing line a few times a week!


    5. This is so amazing! I can also see this being a great alternative for people who don’t have a doula in their area or who work shifts that aren’t always conducive to a face to face doula.


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