Transitioning to a Toddler Bed

As soon as baby girl gets here, we will be transitioning Grayson to his toddler bed. I wanted to share what we have used to get ready for the transition.

These products were given in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. This post also contains affiliate links. My full disclosure can be found here.

One resource that we plan to follow is 10 tips to moving to a BIG KID BED by Busy Toddler. I have provided these tips below along with my thoughts.

Step one:

Set the stage and get the toddler bed ready.

We chose a bed frame from Delta Children and it is the homestead toddler bed in gray.

Step two:

As Busy Toddler suggest, we let Grayson help with the move by allowing him to be apart of the building.

Step three:

To deck out this beautiful bed, we topped it with bedding from Beddy’s Bed. My husband and I also use bedding from them and knew Gray would love it as well.

The bedding is all one piece and it ZIPS together, making it easy for toddlers to make on their own bed.

The inside has a minky fabric that is incredibly soft and the print is so cute. I chose a gender neutral print, because I plan to use it for my daughter as well.

Step four:

The next step will be to make sure the room is “mobile toddler” ready. We still need to secure the play kitchen and bookshelf to the wall. Another tip would be making sure all toys can be used without close supervision.

Step five:

Child proof the door. We did this by using a Regalo baby gate. This one is extra tall, so it is perfect!

Step six:

Start the transition with nap time. I think the hardest part with this will be avoiding the urge to play.

Step seven:

Don’t cave. Let them work it out. The Busy Toddler states,  “Let them explore. Let them figure out what to do with the freedom. Let them get the lay of the land. Odds are, they will fall asleep…eventually.

Step eight:

Start bedtime earlier. This accounts for if they want to play a little before falling asleep. The hope is that eventually they will know the routine and won’t need to have a bedtime party before they fall asleep.

Step nine:

They may roll or fall out of bed. It’s going to be ok! Luckily this bed has side rails that can be attached, but I’m sure he will still make his way onto the floor.

Step ten:

The Busy Toddler also suggest to “avoid rushing in to get them in the morning. If you feel comfortable with it, let them learn to play a little and be content. It helps build strong independent play skills and self-entertaining skills.”

Additional thoughts:

  • Having a baby monitor can be helpful during this transition. We use the Lollipop Baby Cam. It connects to my phone and I can even make sure he is sound asleep if we have a sitter.
  • Try not to get in the habit of falling asleep in their room with them. They need to get use to the independence.
  • We also use a sound machine for Grayson, so bringing this into his new room will help with the transition. This one is portable and we love it.

If you have any additional tips, please let me know in the comments. I will keep y’all posted on how the transition goes.


  1. Super helpful hints!!!! How old is Grayson? My son is turning 15 months and we’re thinking about transitioning him at 2 years.


  2. What a cute little bed! I cannot wait until my little one transitions into a toddler bed. My first boy transitioned so well, my baby now, idk how it will go.


  3. My daughter is pretty close to climbing out of her crib, so we’ll be doing this soon.
    I really like the bedding suggestion. Do they have adult zip up ones too? 😉


  4. I have never successfully done this but these tips will really help with Baby Sister when she is old enough! Thank you!


  5. First off all I want that bedding for my son, and eventually my daughter. My son was really good and transitioned instantly, but I have a feeling my daughter won’t be as easy. Luckily she shares a room with her brother already and that won’t be changing. I’ll be saving this for the future.


  6. I am in love with that bedding! I also love that it zips up. It has been so long since I had to transition my baby (13yrs old) However the hubs and I are talking about expanding our family, so I am going to have to bookmark all the great information on here!


  7. I can so relate to this right now! I am also expecting a baby girl 🙂 My husband and I are looking at toddler beds for our son now so we can get things ready before baby # 2! 🙂


  8. These are really great tips! We let our kids when they transitioned, pick their own sheets to put on the bed. That way if they get excited over their big boy bed then they will more than likely sleep in it!


  9. Great suggestions! We have transitioned 2 boys already and have one more to do. I have never seen bedding like that before and I love it! I will have to check it out.


  10. These are great tips! We will be getting ready to transition my son soon likely so I will definitely be keeping these in mind!


  11. These are awesome tips! I need to remember to use the baby gate in the door way next time we try to transition. That was our biggest thing; night after night he’d end up back downstairs because he’d just open the door and run out lol. He also had a play kitchen in his room and I made it a point to put all the play food away in a bin, out of reach, at nap and bed time so if he was tempted to play there wouldn’t be anything to do so with. He also watched me put them away and tell him “nap time, then play time!”


  12. Oh my goodness this is something that many of us struggle with. I keep trying but not really succeeding. You’ve got some great tips that I need to try.


  13. We are currently trying to get my three-year-old into a big boy bed. It has been challenging! I love your idea of putting a gate at their door. It keeps them safe and Will Keep Us sane. Thanks for this!


  14. We are at that point where we need to consider transitioning our little one to his own bed, and although it’s giving me cold feet already, I loved your article especially the baby gate one! Thank you!


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