Postpartum Feelings; Good Mom

↠Hey Mom Tribe!! I’ve been a little absent lately. I’m definitely suffering from some postpartum anxiety again. I’m super anxious all the time and breakdown quite often. I have super happy moments and then feel beyond overwhelmed. I’ve had a rough week and the intrusive thoughts are crippling. I have chatted with my family and have a good support system. I just wanted to share this on here to remind anyone else suffering from anxiety that you are not alone. Talking with friends, family or even a therapist can be extremely helpful and it’s ok to feel overwhelmed! @psychedmommy shared this and it’s perfect for what I’m feeling- “You can be both overwhelmed and grateful, bored and loving. You don’t have to have it all together. You don’t have to be perfect. What you’re experiencing is likely the experience of so many moms. Show yourself grace. There’s no prize for doing this thing perfectly (whatever that means). The ultimate reward is to love yourself and to demonstrate to your kiddos what self-love looks like—they’ll never NEED it from anyone else if they know how to do it first. Does this one hit home? Do you find yourself judging your experience because it’s not perfect?”

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  1. Honestly, I suffered from postpartum depression bad and someone said let the laundry and cleaning go. Focus on you and your life. Be proud to wake up and end each day alive as some don’t. It made me think if we are alive at the end of the day then we are good.


  2. Postpartum is the worst. I’ve dealt with it and it is really crippling. I love that graphic because it is so true and a great reminder that the two aren’t mutually exclusive.


      1. Thank you for sharing your experience. It’s so easy to want to hide the hard times and just share the good but so important we be real. I too suffered from post partum anxiety and it was so hard to function.


  3. I love how vocal moms are being about their PP experience. There so many people that still don’t understand how real it is. How normal it is and how vulnerable it can make someone. This is a beautiful post. I wish pamphlets that say exactly what you shared would be shared in prenatal appointments.


  4. Yes! I think that you nailed it on the head. I had issues understanding if I had postpartum, because I wasn’t always feeling like I was drowning. These feelings aren’t mutually exclusive!


  5. I actually had to learn to remove “good” mom from my vocabulary so I am embrace the beauty of who I actually am. When I did this, I was able to truly focus on being the kind of mom my kids needed versus the kind of mom I though I had to be.


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