Screen Time with Adults

↠SCREEN TIME- Now I’m not talking screen time for kids… I’m talking for ourselves!! So I didn’t totally give up social media but a friend recently did and it really got me thinking. I started monitoring how much I checked my phone by looking at “battery” in my settings and it was definitely an eye opener. I began setting restrictions on how much time I can spend on “social apps” and I’ve been absolutely loving it. It’s freeing! I use to spend a lot of my down time/nap times on my phone and now I feel ten times more productive! I also feel not recording every single thing the babes do allows me to be more intentional and in the moment. So if you have every considered “cutting back” on social media and #screentime, I highly recommend it! It is crazy how these apps suck us in. It’s taken me awhile to share this on here, because I was so ashamed to admit that I was on my phone too much. I know I am there for my kids and am good about being intentional with them, but at the same time they probably enjoy me being hands free and not documenting their every move. I personally have enjoyed spending my down time getting more things done around the house, reading and taking time to learn my camera. What would you do or accomplish with less screen time?

Here is a resource for 5 strategies for Adults to Reduce Screen Time

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